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We have a range of alternative vehicles that are provided by other firms throughout the country. Please call us to discuss options possible. All prices include our handling of the booking, travelling to our premises, the assistance of our staff if required and settlement of these suppliers invoices in advance when required.

  • London Routemaster RML

    London Routemaster RML

    An original London Transport 1965 Routemaster Long wheelbase, this vehicle had the fleet number RML 2262, and was in service on the routes 14 and 22.

    Our bus was the prototype of the Long wheelbase, offering 72 seats compared to the 64 on a standard RM, and was used by AEC to showboat the product in America.

    We have a deck fitted downstairs to accommodate the coffin.

    London Routemaster RML double decker bus (48 passengers and a coffin or 72 passengers, no coffin)

    Please note that this hire includes up to four hours, from leaving our funeral home in Nottingham to returning, and excess time will be charged at £75.00 per hour.

    Price: £200.00 This price includes VAT where applicable.