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Funeral costs

Funeral costs

Typical Pricing and information

Most clients visualise a traditional funeral as including the removal of the deceased from the place of death, professional fees, preparation of the deceased, use of a visitation room, a hearse, a following car, cortege via local address, provision of bearers, service in the crematorium chapel and returning the mourners home.

In order to facilitate this, our price for the above is as follows:

Professional charge - For service at a crematorium chapel with the provision of up to four bearers *
Care of the deceased - Includes up to a calendar month
Preparation of the deceased  
Use of the visitation room
Transportation of the deceased (including a coach-built Rolls-Royce Phantom VII hearse finished in silver)
Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Luxury limousine for 4 passengers
Other A.W. Lymn items
Total (excluding coffin)  
Less reduction if the full account including disbursements is paid before the day of the funeral. 
Balance payable (excluding coffin & disbursements)
Examples of total payable with typical coffins:
Westminster (cardboard coffin) 
£ nil
Evesham (simple coffin) 
Dark Wood Veneer (superior veneer coffin)
Melbourne (traditional solid hardwood coffin)
Buckingham (traditional solid hardwood coffin)
There will be additional unavoidable costs for third party services such as:
  1. Crematorium fee (approx £700.00)
  2. Celebrant’s fee (approx £200.00)
  3. Doctors’ fees where applicable(approx £200.00)
Plus additional third party charges for other items selected such as:
  1. Newspaper notice
  2. Coffin spray



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