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Personalise the Service

Personalise the Service

Each funeral is unique and there are a number of options to personalise the service. Please speak with your Funeral Director to ask any questions or your local office for assistance.

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Listing of Mourners

We offer a free-of-charge listing service, with a dedicated usher arriving early at the church or crematorium, to look after mourners as they arrive, who may be unsure about where to go, which chapel the service will be in or anxious about what they should be doing. The usher is on hand to help and assist your mourners at a distressing time.

The Usher will also collect names of those attending the service, on specially designed cards, in case you miss anyone on the day. They hand out specially designed postcards and pens, to collect names of mourners, anyone not there on the day who they may be representing, any message and contact details if they wish. The cards will ultimately be given to the family with a typed summary to ensure a complete picture of the day.

They will ensure everything is set up exactly as you wish, with the music selection checked, service sheets on seats where appropriate and will be on hand to collect charitable donations in lieu of flowers for your chosen charity, after the service.

The Usher is also able to pre-seat the mourners in the chapel, on most occasions, to ensure they are comfortable and the arrival of the funeral cortege is calm and as stress-free as possible for the close family at a time of deep distress.

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