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Plan Your Funeral

Planning Ahead

More and more people throughout the UK are choosing to think ahead when it comes to arranging their own, or a family member’s funeral. After all, what could be more sensible than planning for the inevitable?

There are many different reasons why people choose to take out a pre-arranged funeral plan. Often it is because they are concerned about leaving their family with the worry of arranging a funeral at a time of deep distress.

Not only is there the burden of cost to be considered, but,

  • How many of us ever sit down with our close family and friends and discuss what we’d like to happen in the event of our death?
  • Do they know the answer to questions as fundamental as your preference for burial or cremation? 

Wouldn’t you prefer to take the uncertainty out of the whole process? Of course, one of the other eminently sensible reasons for opting for a pre-arranged funeral plan is the fact that you can pay today for exactly what you want. 

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About A.W. Lymn

Originally formed in 1907, A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service is still wholly owned and managed by the founder’s family. Families across the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Mansfield areas, have had funerals taken care of by A.W. Lymn who offer an excellent reputation, fleet of Rolls-Royce vehicles, experienced staff and long association with the local community.

Nottingham Funeral Office, Robin Hood House, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham, NG3 1GF

Tel : 0115 941 4101

Email: admin@lymn.co.uk

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