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Funerals can be a difficult time and, as a family run company, we are here to provide you with the very best service possible and you can be sure that we will help you to choose the right arrangements in a professional way.

We appreciate that sometimes you can be overwhelmed with the amount of choice available, which is why we have brought our most popular funeral arrangements together for easy browsing and to give you an overview of arrangements that you might prefer to customise in your own colours. We are always happy to create bespoke floral arrangements.

Most funeral floral arrangements are made up of floral wreaths, coffin sprays, a funeral posy, sheaves and specialist tributes.

To view the latest City Flowers brochure for Funeral tributes 2023 City Flowers Brochure.


Wedding flowers are a key element for the ‘Big Day’ and it is always worthwhile seeking the advice and expertise of a skilled florist.We can advise on traditional, modern or even ‘funky’ flowers for the occasion.

We are happy to work with you to co-ordinate the floral arrangements with dress style, hair style and colours, height and build to ensure the floral design compliments the occasion, giving the bride complete confidence that everything has been attended to the last detail.

Particular flowers were often picked for their meaning or symbolism and we help to create the most personal and stunning designs to enhance the gown on your special day.


Anniversary flowers can be as simple or as opulent as you like to give as a floral gift to celebrate your own anniversary or to give to celebrate the anniversaries of your friends and family.

We can arrange red roses for a ruby wedding anniversary to celebrate 40 years of marriage, yellow roses for golden wedding anniversary celebrations,or bouquets of flowers for the anniversaries that do not have specific colours or flowers associated with them.

Not all anniversaries are ‘the big ones’ and we have a wide selection of floral gifts available for any celebration, whatever anniversary you are celebrating, from first to fiftieth wedding anniversary and everything in between.


We can help you play Cupid and string your bow with a valentine’s bouquet. Gorgeous arrangements of opulent valentine’s roses, fragrant lilies or delicate tulips can be created to really impress your loved one.

Mother’s Day

Show your mum how special she is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, expertly created with mixed seasonal foliages and complimented with luxurious packaging.


We love creating the perfect display for Birthday celebrations, from a simple bouquet of fresh flowers, to full floral displays to decorate a venue for celebrations.

Everyone has their own favourite flowers and if you would like us to create a bespoke floral arrangement for a friend or family member, or perhaps even a special teacher, nurse or anyone you would like to wish a Happy Birthday, we are always happy to create an arrangement to your specifications.

Choose from a colour selection if you know your recipient’s favourite colour, and we can create a bespoke floral arrangement just for you from our fresh flowers.


There are many different occasions when you might want to give a floral gift to say congratulations to someone, from passing exams such as GCSEs, A Levels or getting a degree, to congratulations gifts for passing a driving test. A particularly popular event to give flowers as a congratulations gift is the birth of a new child and engagements are also the perfect opportunity to give a floral gift to congratulate the lucky couple.

If you are looking for bright and vibrant flowers to say ‘congratulations’, we have several arrangements that are sure to be the right flowers for your recipient.

Get Well Soon

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts to give or send to someone when they are unwell. From being off work ill to being in hospital, everyone has times when they are feeling under the weather and some beautiful fresh flowers can have a bigger impact than simply brightening up a room.

New Born

Celebrating the birth of a new born baby is one of the biggest events, if not THE biggest event that people celebrate throughout their lives. Floral gifts are one of the most popular gifts to give to celebrate the birth of a new born baby and are not reserved for the new parents but also for Grandparents and elder siblings. We are always happy to create a bespoke floral arrangement for any recipient.


Flowers are becoming an increasingly popular part of the retirement gift selection that both work places and individuals give to those retiring to say thank you for all of their hard work and to wish them a happy retirement.

Retirement is a big event in anyone’s life and you will probably want your gift of flowers to be representative of this big occasion and this is why our most popular retirement floral gifts are the larger arrangements that we offer, which also look great on photos for company newsletters!

Thank You

Whoever you want to say “thank you” to, we have the perfect floral arrangement gift.





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