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A.W. Lymn Vouchers

Lymn Vouchers

A pre-paid funeral plan details the specification of the funeral to be provided on the death of a plan holder and the cost thereof must be paid in advance of the death. Some people feel that this is over prescriptive and others do not want to make the financial commitment involved in purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan.

For those people wanting something different they can now purchase Lymn Vouchers which can be used towards the cost of any services provided by the A.W. Lymn Group.

No large capital sum is required, no monthly commitment is necessary, the money is safe and the Lymn Vouchers, unlike a pre-paid funeral plan, can be used towards the cost of luxury vehicle hire, flowers or the release of doves for any occasion, further they can be used for funeral related activities irrespective of whether that is for the voucher holders such as memorial work, obituary notices, in memoriam donations, or indeed to partly fund any funeral.

On the deaths of the voucher holder, the vouchers can be used towards the cost of their funeral. If the date of death is more than six months after the issue date of the voucher and A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service is contracted for the funeral, £12.00 will be allowed towards the cost of that funeral for each £10.00 of Lymn Vouchers presented. Any vouchers not used towards the cost of the funeral will be refunded to the estate at the original purchase price.

Finally it should be noted that Lymn vouchers can be refunded at any time during the life of the voucher holder and the original amount paid will be refunded to the voucher holder enabling that money to be spent in anyway the voucher holders sees fit.

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