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Personalise the Service

Personalised Funerals in Nottingham, Derby, and Mansfield

Each funeral is unique and there are a number of options to personalise the service.

Please speak with you A.W. Lymn funeral director to ask any questions or for inspiration about how to make the service personal to your loved one.

Bespoke funeral services

Provision of an Usher

This practice includes an usher from A.W. Lymn attending in advance to welcome all of the mourners, show them to their seats in advance whenever possible and hand out printed orders of service if these have been provided.

The usher will also hand out listing of mourners cards, as explained below, if required.

Cost per usher: £50.00.

Listing mourners at no extra cost

A listing of mourners card is either placed inside the printed orders of service, if these have been provided, or left at the service venue.

At the end of the service the cards will be collected by A.W. Lymn staff. We produce a list of all the mourners’ names alphabetically, together with those names of people who could not attend but were represented.

Multiple copies can be produced if required, and there is the option of submitting the details online if mourners prefer.


A eulogy is a piece spoken at a funeral to commemorate the person who has died, to say farewell, and to bring to life some of the memories and thoughts that the congregation will have of the deceased.

A eulogy can be written and delivered by anybody who feels that they would like to do so. They are not just reserved for large funerals with a big congregation, or modern services without a minister of religion, they are used daily by all families from all walks of life.

The first thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to write the eulogy. It is more important that it is a personal reflection of the person that has died, than it is a formal piece of writing designed to fit a particular style.

Each of our funeral directors will be able to offer advice on how to write a personal eulogy, although more often than not the Officiant will create a eulogy with the assistance of the family.

Music and hymns

Music plays a significant role in personalising a funeral service. Whether the funeral is a religious or non-religious ceremony, carefully chosen music can be of immense emotional support to the bereaved.

The inclusion of a hymn in a funeral service gives those present an opportunity to participate more fully in the ceremonial act of farewell to the deceased.

The music you choose for a funeral can be anything from traditional hymns and organ music to something more modern.

As funerals become more personalised and unique to reflect the life of the person who has died, families are opting for personal favourites or contemporary songs to be played. Music can be light-hearted, even humorous or could even be played by a live musician.

Depending on the location of the service, there may be certain restrictions. Although many churches and crematoria allow contemporary music, in some instances they may not permit CDs to be played, insisting on organ music.

Music in church

When music is requested as part of a funeral service in church, we can help arrange your requirements with yourself, the minister and the organist.

Music in crematoria chapels

All crematoria offer facilities for the provision of recorded music, and almost without exception, an electronic or pipe organ is also available.

At the crematorium a maximum of two hymns should be chosen. If more than two hymns are requested and the service is likely to run over its time scale, the booking of an extended chapel time must be considered.

Cemetery chapels

The majority of cemetery chapels do not possess an organ although recorded music is available in some, and our own portably system can always be used.

Contemporary music

Special musical favourites of your loved one may be added, whether it is played at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of services and ceremonies. Jazz, pop, gospel and football songs are now more regularly played at funerals.

The Funeral Music Company – live music

We have worked with the Funeral Music Company on various funerals. They offer live music options, featuring musicians from national orchestras and cathedral choirs, who are sensitive, discreet, experienced and immaculately presented.

White doves

In addition to flowers, a white dove release for a funeral or memorial is one of the most loving and inspirational gifts to give.

Our doves are personally bred and trained by the A.W. Lymn family to ensure you receive beautiful white birds that are guaranteed to return back to their home.

What the doves represent

Single dove release

The release of a single dove represents the spirit and soul of the departed being released to begin their final journey home.

Two dove release

The release of a pair of doves represents the joining of two souls.

Four dove release

The release of four doves represents the spirit of the departed joining the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be guided lovingly on their final journey home.

You may also wish to have the closest members of the family release a single dove each to celebrate the life of the person that has died.

Prices quoted include the collection of doves the day prior to the funeral, keeping safely overnight and watering and caring for them, as well as the provision of a vehicle and one member of staff to the venue and releasing the homing doves at the appropriate time.

Doves used on local funerals in Nottinghamshire live at the Lymn Rose family home and were bred there, are cared for there, and have been trained to find their way home from the local cemeteries and crematoria. Therefore, these doves can only be used within fifteen miles of their cote in Arnold.

Dove releases cost from £75.00 (single) to £135.00 (four doves).

The doves are delivered and released by an A.W. Lymn member of staff, and if one is not present an additional charge of £50.00 to cover them and the appropriate vehicle will be made. Outside of Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm this fee will be £100.00.

Funeral venues

There is a wide choice of either religious (church, chapel, etc.) or non-religious venues for a funeral.

For the latter a non-religious ceremony can be held in ‘any place that is capable of holding a coffin and a group of mourners with dignity’, the final disposal of the deceased often assisting choice of location.

  • For cremation it would seem logical to hold the ceremony in the crematorium chapel, crematoria often having the facility to cover religious symbols with covers or blinds or indeed remove them altogether.
  • For burial, a simple graveside ceremony may be appropriate.
  • Other options would be to hold the ceremony in the family home, an A.W. Lymn funeral home or in a local hall or community centre.
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Planning ahead for your funeral

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