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Repatriation Services in Nottingham, Derby, and Mansfield

When British people die abroad either naturally or from accidental or violent causes, A.W. Lymn are requested to arrange funerals for these persons in his/her country.

Repatriation is the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship. This includes the process of returning holiday makers, people on business trips, refugees or military personnel to their place of origin following a war.

The process of repatriation

We are on hand to help families, friends and communities repatriate their loved ones to and from abroad, to ensure your loved one’s safe return home.

  • If a loved one has passed away abroad, we can help you to bring them back home.
  • If a loved one has passed away in the UK and would like to be returned to their home origin we can help you.

We can advise on documentation required and coffin and casket requirements, we will deal with UK authorities, embassies, consulate visits, freight booking services and delivery and collection. We understand what a difficult and confusing time it is when a friend or relative dies while traveling, living or working abroad.

Funeral arrangements

Once is it definitely known that the remains have arrived in the UK, funeral arrangements can be made but it is advisable to allow four to five days to elapse between the arrival of the remains and the actual funeral because:

  • All certificates accompanying the deceased must be taken to the office of the local coroner who covers the area where disposal is to take place.
  • If the deceased did not die from natural causes and the remains are to be cremated the matter must be submitted to the local Coroner, who may order a post mortem and inquest.
  • Costs in connection with Coroners referrals are not refundable by the insurance companies whose financial responsibility ceases once the remains are delivered to a local funeral director.

Only after the above procedures have been satisfactorily completed may the funeral take place.

It is therefore in everyone’s interest that time be allowed for any of these eventualities to take place and be completed before the date set for the funeral.

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Planning ahead for your funeral

Give you and your family peace of mind with pre-planned funerals courtesy of A.W. Lymn. Contact us today to find out more.

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