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Immediate Concerns

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The first steps to take when a death occurs are often the hardest for people to make.

Our advice to all families is that when a death does occur, they contact us immediately.

At A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service we have experienced local staff on call at all times of the day and night to help you.

We will answer the telephone personally. We will attend to moving a deceased person from the place at which they have died and one of our qualified funeral directors will be available at all times to deal with any questions you may have, or to begin making the necessary funeral arrangements when required.

In many cases now when people pass away in hospital, it is not necessary for us to attend immediately, but our staff can give the helpful advice needed to put minds at ease and to ensure that the family are aware of everything which needs to be done.

Please see our Funeral Home Branch Network for contact details of your local A.W. Lymn funeral home.

When someone dies at home

When someone dies at home, you should contact their GP. If the death has happened outside of working hours, you will be diverted to the GP’s on call service.

Usually a doctor will not need to come to the home to confirm that a death has occurred, death will simply need to be confirmed by someone confident to do so.

If the death was expected, the doctor will give permission for the deceased to be transferred into the care of your chosen funeral director. At this stage, we recommend you call us straight away and one of our team will be available to speak with you personally, no matter the time of day or night.

If the death was sudden or unexpected, the doctor may need to inform the coroner. The deceased may have to be taken into the care of the coroner. We recommend you call us at this stage, so we can support you with advice and guidance.

When someone dies in a care home or hospital

In a care home

Once a doctor or medical professional has confirmed that the deceased can be transferred into the care of a funeral director, the care home staff can contact us to begin arrangements.

Many care homes keep notes on file about their residents’ and families’ wishes regarding what to do if they die, such as which family member to contact first, which funeral director to contact and whether to contact the family if the death occurs in the middle of the night.

A.W. Lymn will speak to the care home staff on your behalf and arrange for the deceased to be transferred into our care.

In a hospital

When someone dies in a hospital, the process of transferring the deceased to our care can vary depending on the facilities available at the hospital.

Most large hospitals have facilities on site to look after the deceased. The deceased will remain at the hospital until the relevant paperwork has been completed and they can be released into our care.

Small hospitals such as Ilkeston do not have these facilities and so a funeral director is required to attend straight away. The deceased will be moved into our care, if A.W. Lymn are the chosen funeral directors, and will remain in our care while the paperwork is completed.

When someone dies unexpectedly

When someone dies unexpectedly at home or in a care home, they may need to be taken into the care of the coroner. The medical professional in attendance will decide if the deceased should be moved to a funeral home or into the care of the coroner.

The police may need to attend the place of death before the deceased is moved. The police work on behalf of the coroner to collect information. Their presence does not mean that a criminal investigation is taking place.

We advise you contact us as soon as you feel able to following an unexpected death.
A.W. Lymn will liaise with the coroner on your behalf, to ensure your wishes and that of the deceased are met every step of the way. We will keep you fully informed and offer our support throughout.

When someone dies away from home or abroad

When death takes place some distance away from home, either within the UK or abroad, A.W. Lymn can make all the necessary arrangements.

Our funeral directors will provide help and advice and can assist with arranging repatriation to and from anywhere in the world.

Bringing the deceased back to the UK

When someone dies abroad, the family usually want them to be brought home as quickly as possible.

A.W. Lymn have decades of experience in receiving coffins from all over the world and we can support you and your family with all of the necessary paperwork and arrangements.

Repatriation outside the UK

A.W. Lymn are on hand to help families, friends and communities repatriate their loved ones, to ensure your loved one’s safe return home.

If a loved one has passed away in the UK and would like to be returned to their home country, A.W. Lymn can help.

We can advise on documentation required and coffin and casket requirements, we will deal with UK authorities, embassies, consulate visits, freight booking services and delivery and collection.

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Immediate Concerns




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