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Cremated Remains

Cremated Remains

We provide several options for the collection and storage of cremated remains.

On occasions when the cremated remains are either collected directly from the crematorium, or privately dispersed in the grounds, with no family or friends to witness the dispersal, a representative of A.W. Lymn will not attend and there will be no charge by the company for its services in this matter.

Costs for storage

For collection from the crematorium, holding in our funeral home for up to a month before collection by family, including a CR00 A.W. Lymn scatter tube: £30.00.
Holding cremated remains after one month: £10.00 per month.

Costs for scattering in crematorium grounds

An A.W. Lymn representative will make arrangements for the scattering by appointment and will oversee and deal with any prayers, should they be required: £40.00.

Delivery and dispersal of cremated remains in any other way

This service includes removal from the crematorium and holding the cremated remains for up to three months, liaising with the cemetery and crematorium or church authorities, delivery to a local cemetery, crematorium or churchyard for scattering or interment in a grave (during office hours) or delivery to a location within 20 miles of our offices.

An A.W. Lymn representative will also move any flowers or say any prayers if required. The service also includes a CR00 A.W. Lymn scatter tube. Cost: £50.00.

If the funeral service was organised and completed by another funeral director, we can arrange and oversee the cremated remains service for you, including a CR00 A.W. Lymn scatter tube. Cost: £100.00, plus additional £40.00 if out of office hours or on a weekend.

Delivery by courier, next day, signed, scanned and traced, including all relevant letters, insurance and packing on the UK mainland – £48.00 (approx. including VAT).

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Cremated Remains




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