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Visiting the Deceased

A final farewell before the funeral

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Visiting the Deceased

Visiting the Deceased

The decision of whether or not anyone is to visit the deceased is a personal one.

Many people take comfort from seeing the deceased at rest and private Chapels are available at all of our A.W. Lymn funeral homes.

You may wish to have the deceased at your own home. This can be facilitated and should be discussed with your funeral director.

What to expect: services we provide

Care of the deceased

The use of the cold room facility for up to a calendar month and as and when required, staff to assist with the examination by doctor, provision of a Type A Gown with frill, coffining and gowning the deceased or dressing in their own clothes in preparation for the funeral. This does not include hygienic treatment, embalming or viewing facilities.

Preparation of the deceased

Preparation of the deceased including, at no extra cost, hygienic treatment or embalming when necessary and practical and the use of our washing facilities by the family to prepare the deceased when it is customary for religious or cultural reasons.

Use of a Chapel

We normally supply a visitation room for one day but we can willingly extend this in terms of the number of days and hours each day. Our comprehensive funeral home list means viewing can take place across Nottinghamshire , Derbyshire and now Leicestershire.

This includes the provision of an attendant for visitation by appointment during normal office hours to accompany visitors to view the deceased or to spend time with them.

Your A.W. Lymn funeral director will be on hand to support you in making this decision and when you visit the deceased, if this is your wish.

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Planning ahead for your funeral

Give you and your family peace of mind with pre-planned funerals courtesy of A.W. Lymn. Contact us today to find out more.

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Visiting the Deceased




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