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Natural Burial

A return to nature

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Natural Burial

Natural burials in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Mansfield

Natural and Woodland Burials are increasing in popularity as concerns for the loss of trees and wildlife become widespread.

Councils, private companies and individuals have recognised that burial facilities can be designed to offer many benefits to wildlife, whilst also introducing greater choice for the bereaved.

What is a natural burial?

Woodland graves offer a return to nature for those who wish to be buried in areas where trees, shrubs and wild flowers grow.

A woodland burial is the ideal choice for those seeking somewhere more natural and beautiful to hold a funeral and remember a loved one. Set within unspoilt countryside, amidst the peace and tranquillity of trees and flowers, a woodland burial ground provides a natural alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard.

Woodland burial plots are set amongst trees and wildflowers and families can choose to bury or scatter the ashes of a loved one within the peaceful grounds.

Your A.W. Lymn funeral director will be on hand to take care of all funeral arrangements, organising a special and unique funeral within a natural woodland environment, including woodland burial plots or scattering of cremated remains within the grounds.

Instead of a traditional headstone, graves are marked by the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a simple bronze plaque. There is a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the woodland environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers, ensuring that the landscape of a woodland burial ground can be treasured by future generations.

Woodland burials offer an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional burials, cemeteries and graveyards, in a peaceful, tranquil setting for reflection and remembrance, through all the changing seasons, amidst the beauty of nature, wildlife, trees, flora and fauna.

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Natural Burial




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