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Cremation in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Mansfield

Before the cremation service can go ahead you will need to provide various documentation and your A.W. Lymn funeral director will be on hand to assist you with all of these arrangements and help you fill in the paperwork.

The Cremation Process

The cremation service

The cremation service can be religious or non-religious or you may choose to have no service at all.

Any service that takes place must be carried out within the time allowed for each funeral and not impact on the funeral before or after. The duration of the service varies between crematoria but is usually 45 minutes, which allows time for people to enter the chapel, hold the service and leave. If you feel you will need a longer period of time, it is possible to book the following service time for an additional charge.

If you prefer, you can hold a service in a separate place, like a church, followed by a ceremony at the crematorium. You can arrange for your own minister to carry out the service or your funeral director can help you find a suitable person.

The committal

The end of the service is known as the committal.

During the committal the coffin is usually hidden from view by curtains or taken out of the chapel.

If you would prefer the coffin to remain on view until everyone has left, your funeral director can arrange that for you.

When the service is over, we are on hand to lead close family out of the Chapel, followed by the other mourners. You will have an opportunity to look at the floral tributes and the family will have time to thank people for coming.

The cremation will often take place on the same day as the service, usually within a few hours, but legally it must be within 72 hours. The coffin is taken into a room where the nameplate is checked. An identity card is then attached to the cremator where the coffin is placed and is kept with the ashes until they leave the crematorium.

The coffin is always cremated with the body in accordance with the Cremation Code of Practice. The code also requires that nothing must be removed from the coffin after it has been received from the Chapel and that it must be placed in the cremator exactly as received.

After the service

Once the cremation service has taken place, your A.W. Lymn funeral director will be on hand to go through the options available for you to lay the ashes to rest and choose a memorial for the person who has died.

Gardens of Remembrance are a popular choice, with the cremated remains scattered in a crematorium a tranquil garden setting designed for quiet thought and reflection.

Other options include having the ashes laid to rest in a family grave in a churchyard or cemetery.

Memorials and keepsakes

A.W. Lymn offer a selection of memorials and keepsakes for cremated remains, such as:

Garden ornaments

Product designed for the garden as a discreet way of concealing cremated remains. Unlike cremated remains that are buried in the earth, these ornaments can be moved without legal permission.

Memorial jewellery

This collection showcases a broad range of silver jewellery manufactured to accommodate a small quantity of cremated remains.

These pieces of jewellery are made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver, which means that it is made of at least 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is an alloy to give strength to the jewel. These pendants and beads are designed to be discreet and not obviously contain cremated remains.

Exclusive ceramics

This waterproof range is designed to be placed outdoors. Some of these ceramics are large enough to hold a full set of ashes.

Children’s urns

A range of urns which we feel are especially suitable to hold the cremated remains of a child.

Memory pins

Each pin, in various designs from doves to angel wings to forget-me-nots, come in individual pouches, with a minimum order of ten pins.

Urns and caskets

We offer an extensive range of cremated remains caskets and urns which you can view at our showrooms.

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